Privacy Policy:

The KreuzCards app requires a connection with a facebook account. We make that connection with the API provided by Facebook. We use the following data from facebook-profiles solely to make the KreuzCards experience available and optimize it:

  • Profile picture
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Sex
  • List of friends, who also play KreuzCards

Additionally, we store data from the game itself, meaning login data, data related to the own card , the configuration of the deck and the played matches. We store the IP-addresses from which our servers are accessed and information from HTTP-headers that are automatically sent and cookies. Furthermore, we store technical attributes of the devices being used.

We use APIs and services from third parties to provide functionality, server operation and distribution of KreuzCards. Aside from using those APIs and services, we do not provide data to third parties. While selecting those APIs and services we use, we look for providers who use all transferred data responsibly in terms of the used services. However, we can not take responsibility for actions of third-parties.

We only provide our data to public authorities, if we feel obliged to do so after examining the legal situation.

Updates of this privacy policy will be available on